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Outsource your lien settlement services to Precision Resolution and get back to winning more cases, getting paid faster, and expanding your practice.


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Accelerate Your Firm’s Growth By Outsourcing Lien Resolution and Reporting

These reflect a small sample of Precision’s services. Precision offers all of the services below and more. Please contact us for more information.

Medicare Conditional Payments

From the initial reporting of the liability matter to the Medicare contractor to securing the file closure letter and all the steps in between, Precision Resolution is your firm’s answer to Medicare Secondary Payer compliance.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

Claims from Medicare Advantage Plans (“MAP”) are not to be taken lightly. Recent case law has put MAPs in as strong a position as they have ever been, with legitimate potential exposure to both plaintiff and plaintiff’s counsel. Let Precision Resolution navigate these claims for your firm and allow us to maximize the recovery to the plaintiff through the resolution of these Medicare Advantage Plan claims.

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Medicaid Liens

Was the Medicaid agency put on notice of the liability matter? Has a notice of the lien been filed? Do not leave either of these questions unanswered in cases involving Medicaid recipients. Eliminate all doubt and let Precision Resolution report, track, negotiate, and close your firm’s Medicaid cases.

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ERISA, VA and Private Lien Resolution

No two cases are the same. That is why when dealing with ERISA or other private healthcare liens, Precision Resolution forms an Action Plan to address case-specific circumstances. Call 888-961-LIEN for your Lien Screen Case Consultation, and we’ll start building an Action Plan for your case today.

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Medicare Set-Aside

Protection of both the plaintiff’s and Medicare’s future interests has become an essential component of the settlement process. While MSAs are currently not mandatory for liability cases, our experienced attorneys can analyze the facts of your case and offer a solution that will both protect Medicare’s future interests and give you and your client peace of mind.

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Why Choose Precision Resolution?

At Precision, we know that liens can bring settlement negotiations to a standstill and that the daily task of communicating with recovery contractor agencies exacts a time-consuming and expensive toll on any law firm. Let our trusted settlement planning experts process and close your cases worry-free.

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Attorneys: Get Paid Faster

The highly skilled team at Precision Resolution is able to process and close cases in less time than it would take a traditional law firm to do, all while ensuring that the precise reporting guidelines and statues are followed to guarantee compliance.

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More Money for Plaintiff & Attorneys

With minimal case submission fees, Precision Resolution is incentivized to fight for the plaintiff and secure the greatest reduction of the lien. When done correctly, Precision Resolution can remove the cost of lien resolution services from your office.

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Over $190 Million in Liens Reduced

Our team processes thousands of cases and claims and has saved plaintiffs over $190 million by successfully challenging and reducing lien amounts in single-event matters, all while reducing attorney exposure to compliance and lien issues.

Strength in Numbers

Since 2011, Paul K. Isaac, Esq., Paul Loudenslager, Esq., MSCC, and the team of attorneys at Precision Resolution, LLC has successfully reduced attorney exposure to compliance and lien issues while putting over $190 million back into the pockets of plaintiffs through successfully challenging and eliminating Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, and other health care lien claims stemming from single-claimant litigation.

To ensure that your client’s claim is brought to a complete and swift resolution, always demand Precision.

Average Savings to Medicare Beneficiaries
In Medicaid Liens Resolved
In ERISA Reimbursement Liens Resolved
In Medicare Advantage Liens Resolved

Lift the burden of compliance from your staff

Contact us to see how we can help you get back to the task at hand: winning more cases, receiving the settlement proceeds faster, and expanding your practice.

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