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Confidentiality Notice

Some/all documents submitted to Precision Resolution, LLC and/or its agents may be shared with the Department of Health and Human Services and its various agencies and/or contractors, such as CMS or the BCRC, throughout Precision’s retention on this matter. Further, Precision’s submissions to such agencies for the purposes of reducing Medicare, Dept. of HHS or other like agency and/or contractor’s purported recovery amount related to the retained matter are confidential. Therefore, Precision will not disclose them to any entity other than those referenced above. 

This will acknowledge that, in order to protect privacy and confidentiality or to protect against conflicts of interest, the plaintiff/claimant and/or their attorney will not receive copies of any of Precision’s submissions.

While Precision Resolution has the utmost confidence in our team of attorneys and their ability to reduce and resolve claims, our past successes do not guarantee future results.

Precision Resolution is not a law firm.

If you are a claimant and have questions regarding the status of your claim, please contact your attorney directly.

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