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Medicare Advantage Plans

As of 2018, over one-third of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C). These Medicare Advantage Plans are private healthcare plan providers who offer approved plans under Medicare Part C to Medicare beneficiaries.

Make no assumptions. If the plaintiff’s counsel has received a $0.00 Medicare Conditional Payment, there is more digging to be done. Other insurance has likely paid for accident-related treatment, and for most Medicare-eligible plaintiffs, that means a Medicare Advantage Plan.

As enrollment rises, so too has the frequency with which these Advantage Plans enforce their rights of recovery against plaintiffs’ settlement proceeds.

Medicare Advantage Plans have been increasingly aggressive in enforcing their claim over the last several years, and court decisions in their favor have been piling up. These are private insurance companies with the resources to enforce collection. As these plans and their recovery agencies continue to push the boundaries of their claims, plaintiffs’ counsel must have a plan in place to address and combat them.

Make Precision Resolution part of your plan as we have the experience and the results to fight these claims so you can settle your case with finality.

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