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Medicaid Liens

Federal and State Law significantly limit the State Medicaid agency’s right to recovery. At Precision Resolution, we go even further.

With multiple million-dollar Medicaid lien reductions, Precision Resolution does not shy away from litigation of Medicaid liens. Our firm offers lien resolution and reporting solutions on a single-case basis or we can accommodate firm-wide reporting and resolution for every Medicaid-eligible plaintiff.

In a significant New York City case which our office litigated, with a $1.3 million-dollar Medicaid lien against the proceeds the court dismissed the lien in its entirety holding:

“Accordingly, plaintiffs’ motion is granted in accordance with this decision and order to the extent that any settlement proceeds covered by the infant compromise order are determined not to include compensation for past medical expenses to which any Medicaid lien could attach.” Fried v City of New York, 618, 940 N.Y.S.2d 795 (Sup. Ct. Kings County 2012).

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