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Emma Andrews


About Emma

Emma Andrews is one of Precision Resolution’s longest-tenured Case Managers and also serves as  Director of Services Coordination.

With years of experience in personal injury and lien resolution, Emma brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and compassion to her role, ensuring that every client’s journey through the process is smooth, efficient, and effective.

Her role as Director of Services Coordination is pivotal in ensuring that the intake department operates seamlessly, aligning with the firm’s mission to provide exceptional service and support to personal injury plaintiffs.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Emma finds joy and balance in her personal life through her hobbies and interests. An avid baker, she enjoys experimenting with new recipes and sharing her delicious creations with friends and family. Emma’s role as an aunt brings immense joy and fulfillment, cherishing the time spent nurturing and witnessing the growth of her nieces and nephews.

Emma’s life at home is made even more delightful with the company of Brady, her beloved Havanese-Shih Tzu mix, who serves as her at-home office assistant. Brady’s companionship not only enriches Emma’s work-from-home experience but also brings laughter, comfort, and a sense of calm to her busy days.

Emma Andrews embodies the perfect blend of professional dedication and personal warmth, making significant contributions to her field while embracing the joys of life outside work. Her commitment to her role, combined with her passion for baking, family, and her furry friend, illustrates a well-rounded individual who excels in every aspect of her life.

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