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Rick Alfreds, JD

Director of Operations

About Rick

As the Director of Operations, Rick Alfreds leverages his legal background, diverse experiences, and leadership skills to drive operational excellence, through a blend of legal expertise and operational acumen.

His academic journey culminated in earning a Juris Doctor from Syracuse University. During his time at Syracuse, Rick distinguished himself through a prestigious internship with the Office of the General Counsel for NASA in Washington D.C. This experience not only honed his legal skills but also imbued him with a unique perspective on regulatory and employment compliance, invaluable assets in his current role.

Rick’s professional and personal journey is marked by his adaptability and resilience, having lived in six cities along the East Coast. Each city has contributed to his diverse experiences and broadened his understanding of different operational environments, further enriching his skill set. Now calling Buffalo home, Rick has deeply integrated into the community and culture of the city.

An avid Buffalo Bills fan, Rick’s loyalty to his team is unwavering, despite the rollercoaster of emotions they often bring. He approaches each season with optimism, ready to support his team through ups and downs, mirroring the resilience and steadfastness he exhibits in his professional life. Rick looks forward to the disappointment the Bills bring him every year, a testament to his humor and ability to find joy in the journey rather than just the destination.

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