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Precision Resolution’s years of experience securing lien reductions in the most difficult of cases, has been shaped by our unique case-specific approach to single-event matters. To be certain that we are always on the cutting edge, Precision Resolution stays informed of all case law, state and federal statutes which may impact the practice of law.

Because of these efforts, the attorneys at Precision Resolution are proud to be called upon by local and national bar and trade associations to present on the subjects of lien resolution, government benefit preservation and structured settlements.

Below you will find some of our upcoming engagements, as well as a link to sign up for our newsletter which will keep you ahead of the curve on the case law and other updates which may impact your practice.

Virtual Programs Coming Soon!

Sweeping for Lien Landmines in Personal Injury Cases

This soon-to-be-available program will allow Precision Resolution’s attorneys to come to your firm and preset attorney best practices and cutting-edge concepts in the handing of liens against a plaintiff’s settlement proceeds.

The program will feature in-depth analysis regarding ERISA, Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Medicaid, FEHBA and VA subrogation, reimbursement and lien claims against the settlement proceeds. It will also focus on preserving the plaintiff’s government benefits following the settlement of the case.

Program will specifically address:

  • Attorney obligation to notify ERISA plans of third-party actions;
  • How to obtain and review all relevant ERISA plan documentation and filings, and what pitfalls to avoid when dealing with the plan or their recovery agencies;
  • NYS Social Services Law Section 104-b and the “liening” of capitation costs;
  • Medicare Advantage Plans: Liability to Plaintiff’s Attorney and Double Damages;
  • Defeating “Medicare Releases”;
  • Defining and addressing Medicare Set-Asides, if, when and how;
  • Addressing VA subrogation and future offset (set-aside) claims

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