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What Should an Attorney do Regarding Liens, and When?

By December 1, 2021April 28th, 2022No Comments
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Q: In a perfect world, what should an attorney do and when, regarding liens. When should they involve Precision in that process?

A: For several reasons, an attorney should get Precision Resolution involved as early as possible.
Take Medicare, for example, the earlier that we are involved, the earlier we can eliminate overages, unrelated charges, and eliminate surprise demand amounts.

If you contact early, we can assess validity and exposure to give you a preemptive strategy as opposed to getting stuck with a long battle at the end of a case.

With full-service claim reporting and review processes, your firm can close your file with the confidence in knowing that all claims have been reported, liens have been reduced, and more money has been put into the plaintiff’s pocket at the end of the case.

Precision offers solutions for firms of every size; we’re helping attorneys across the country advance their practice by serving as the trusted outsourcing solution for lien resolution and reporting.

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Paul Isaac, Jr.

Chief Operating Officer